Healthy Weight Loss – 3 Myths Exploded

There are many commonly held beliefs about healthy weight loss and diets. Some have been passed down from parents and grandparents and can be helpful sources of wisdom.

There are some of these ideas though, which are now outdated or simply wrong, so it is important to be aware of what is good advice and what is simply mistaken belief in a myth.

I have heard many times that eating between meals is just bad for you. It is likely that this used to be mainly aimed at children, to discourage them from eating too many sweets and chocolates.

While the wrong kind of snacks are not a good idea at all, there are many foods which can help your healthy weight loss efforts and are good to eat in small portions.

Fresh or dried fruits are a great example. When eaten an hour or so before a main meal, they can help you need less to ‘fill up’. This could also be good if at the same time you take a drink of water as well. More details please visit:-

Other healthy snacks can include yoghurt, nuts and wholemeal toast with low-fat cream cheese. There really are many – probably hundreds – of tasty, healthy ways to eat ‘little and often’ during your day.

For a number of years now, eggs have had something of a bad press. This was mainly because they contain cholesterol. It was thought to help contribute to blocking up arteries and cause heart disease.

It is now accepted that the humble egg is a great food to include in your healthy diet. As with everything else, moderation is the key and I would not have more than one or two in a day. You can help protect your heart by making sure that the fats you eat are not of the saturated variety, as these are the real culprits in raising blood cholesterol.

The biggest untruth of all, which is still believed by too many people, is that healthy eating is ‘boring’. Why this should be so in these days of plentiful choice is something of a mystery. I have known people who think this, to be put off the idea of even trying to plan healthy weight loss.

The fact is that when you put some planning into making sure that what you eat is healthy and nutritious, it takes no extra effort to make it interesting and tasty as well. This can be appealing to even the most particular of eaters.

The greatest difficulty faced is the power of the food industry and advertisers. They have many of us brainwashed to believe that if our daily diet does not include their processed produce, then we are missing out. This is just not the case and a healthy weight loss diet can be much more satisfying than much of the junk on sale.

So forget about not eating between meals, avoiding eggs and believing that healthy eating is boring. There are many more mistaken beliefs out there, some of which will be touched on in future articles.

There is little excuse nowadays for not finding out all you might ever want to know about making your diet healthy and interesting. Search out the suggestions and help you need.

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