Hair Loss News – Shedding Light on Shedding Hair

Today, more and more women are coming forward and discussing their personal challenges with the loss of their hair. For men, heredity is often considered to be the culprit behind what is known as male pattern baldness. For women, we are coming to learn, there are a much wider variety of causes, many of which are serious though treatable.

Traditionally, hair loss in men has been predicted by looking at the male relatives on your mother’s side. If your mother’s brother went bald at an early age, then you have a better than average chance of losing your hair at an equally early age. The big news today is that if you are a woman, there is no such predictor. While some women lose their hair due to simple genetics, it is much more often the symptom of another health issue. For this reason, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a physician if you begin to experience significant loss or thinning. More details please visit:-

There have been recent reports in hair loss news that have raised awareness about some of the common health concerns that may lead to the loss of hair in women. One condition, polycystic ovary syndrome typically has no other outward symptoms. For many women with this condition, the only symptom that they exhibited was hair loss. Another condition which is often accompanied by hair loss is an imbalance of the thyroid. For both conditions, it is possible to receive treatment and getting this treatment will often reverse the loss of hair that has been experienced.

If you are a woman and are experiencing hair loss, it is important that you alert your doctor. Though your instinct may be to try and disguise it, the fact is that you could be suffering from a major medical condition. Allow your doctor to determine what the cause is, as doing so could save your life. You may be able to receive treatment which will reverse the effects as well as resolve the underlying medical condition.

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