Top Speaker Says: Keep Your Outlook Bright By Disputing The “News”

A few days ago as I opened my browser, I saw a headline that declared the earth’s resources are running out at an alarming rate.

The only thing that’s alarming, in my view is that headline and the purported content that follows.

Most of the doomsayers throughout history have been utterly and absolutely wrong.

Take Dr. Paul Ehrlich, a fellow who appeared with regularity on The Tonight Show. He predicted that we were going to face massive starvation in the world, right about now, in fact.

The truth is that there are more overfed, obese people in the world than hungry ones.

How could Ehrlich, well intentioned that he was, get it so wrong?

His predictions didn’t take into account improvements in technology.

For instance, he never foresaw the development of a hardier form of rice that results in disproportionately larger harvests, thus feeding the billions of additional mouths that came into being after his TV guest spots.

Instead of having more farmers in developed countries, we have far fewer today than we did in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but our productivity has soared, enabling us to better feed ourselves and the world. More details please visit:-

Again, farming technology and professional agri-business management are at least partly responsible.

Greenhouse gases are creating global warming, many say.

We are actually producing zero emissions vehicles, today. A recent market entry is a sleek, fast sports car that can travel from zero to 60 in little more than 4 seconds.

Cost: About $100,000, but it is a promising product because it says you can have loads of fun and heal the planet, too, something that most dour environmentalists would never believe possible.

Why? They’re committed to negativity; to spreading “news” about impending, man-made disasters.

Fight back against this sort of guilt-producing rhetoric.

The next time you see an alarmist’s headline don’t accept it at face value. Instead, figure that someone, somewhere is already working toward the problem’s solution, and if you don’t believe that, you can decide to be the first one!

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