Making a CD Release News-Worthy

What is news-worthy to you-may just not be news-worthy to the editor, the program director, or the producer. They are looking for items that will interest the largest segment of their readers, listeners or viewers. Or they are looking for items that will interest an important niche segment of their customers.

So you must begin viewing your communications to the media from their perspective.

Here’s an example that may be near and dear to you, a CD release. This, is of course great news to you and something that is very important to your career. But to the media, it is another CD release among many.

What is unique about this release? Now this is certainly something you might consider before you even start thinking about doing the next CD. How can your marketing campaign for this new CD be more news-worthy? More details please visit:-

News-worthy means it has an impact beyond your own income and business well-being. It impacts your local community or the greater world community. It may involve community organizations, businesses, charities, schools or well-known community members.

If you are not already a household name in the entertainment world, then your CD release may not be news-worthy.

Unless the local or national media you are trying to reach specifically serves its community with CD reviews, such as Billboard Magazine, you need to be more thoughtful about creating news-worthy communications with your media contacts so you can gain broader coverage.

Here’s a practice exercise:

1. Pretend or use a real CD release situation and write a press release.

2. First, make a list of a few ways in which your CD can have an impact on the larger community. Maybe there’s a local or national charity or organization or cause or event you have a relationship with. Perhaps a song on the CD has a specific message that can be used as the news item. Perhaps there is a theme, like the environment, business, kids, Or maybe you have partnered with some organization to release the CD and it partially benefits that organization. Dig deep and come up with something beyond the CD Release itself.

3. Now write the press release with the lead being about the point of interest, the organization, the charity, the cause partnership. In the later paragraphs you can talk more about the CD details, the musicians and yes, even yourself. First, make it about the unique collaboration or item of interest. Now you are beginning to create something the media can wrap their headlines around and dedicate extra print space, or air time to.

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