Writing News Articles Brings Freshness to Article Marketing

When I first worked for the newspaper industry, I was not working as a writer, nor had I ever taken a course in journalism. I had been hired to study the needs of the older papers, find alternate properties, negotiate economic development incentives, hire architects and contractors, build office buildings, and move on to the next project.

I made weekly posts to the paper’s website to keep the community informed of the development. But it wasn’t until my second year that someone requested my input for an actual article in one of the newspapers. I worked proudly on MY article and added all the I’s, Me’s, and Mine’s I could ‘subconsciously’ work into the copy. I was factual and to the point, and quite proud of my creative effort.

A couple of days later, I saw the final article in the paper. I almost fell backwards – It was not what I wrote. The editorial department had forwarded my information to one of their senior writers. He created a truly great and news-worthy article that would interest the local community. It was not written from one point of view, but from many. The writer had called and interviewed well-known people in town and had woven their comments into the articles. My comments were among those, but where my views had been narrow, the writer had opened up the story and anchored the theme with everything else that was happening in the community. More details please visit:-l0n.net crypto-house.net pet-essentials.in indianbeauty.blog mysmart.pet 123angelnumber.com sikkimfoods.com

Article marketing appeals to a larger audience than that of a small city, but it should be anchored on the current needs of the audience and the current events through which the audience is living. Writing news articles should be part of a well-planned article marketing strategy.

The fact that you are writing news articles doesn’t mean that your articles cannot be evergreen; but you have to make the effort to give a contemporary twist to the news.

I see many businesses struggling to survive after spending half a fortune on their websites. Some of the owners of those businesses are frustrated and don’t even know the root of the problem; they believe their webmasters were supposed to optimize the site. Why, then, are so few people visiting? Is their online business of no value to customers?

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