Fantasy Baseball Report: News You Need Now

* The BIG news of the week is the Yankees acquisition of OF Bobby Abreu and SP Corey Lidle from the Philadelphia Phillies. I might be the first and only person who thinks Bobby Abreu is a bust, not only in Fantasy, but also on the playing field. Abreu had more HR’s in the HR derby last year, then he did all of the second half of last year, and to this point this year. A guy who consistently was a 30-30 guy, doesn’t even have 10 HR’s this year, somthings not right here. Abreu goes from Citizen Bank Park, considered by most to be a very friendly hitters park, where he hit just .267-5 HR-35 RBI-33 R-11 SB, to the short porch at Yankee Stadium. Will this help the struggling Abreu? My bet is no. Thank goodness, OBP doesn’t factor into Fantasy Baseball, because that’s all Abreu seems to have. Lidle is a guy too, who I think will struggle going from the NL to the AL. Lidle, over his last 3 years doesn’t quiet have “Yankee” numbers. He’s averaging 12 wins and 13 loses, and a whopping 5.042 era. Some think that the Yankees lineup will carry him, but I don’t think he’ll be any better then Jaret Wright.

* Chipper Jones is heading to the DL again. After straining his left oblique Friday night against the Mets, Jones, who prior to getting hurt was having an awesome second half of the season, will have to wait until mid-August before he comes off the DL. Fantasy Owners must love his production, but down the stretch he’s no help on the DL More details please tarot cards Lomamatkat

* Nomar Garciaparra heads to the DL with a strained ligament in his right knee. Bad news for Garciaparra owners, but is this really a surprise. There is a bright side to this. Garciaparra, who qualifies at 1B, gives owners plenty of options to pluck a quality 1B off the waiver.

* Scott Kazmir, who has inflammation in his left rotator cuff, will be put on the DL this week. Kazmir who was slated to have 2 starts this week, will force Fantasy Owners to look for a replacement. Kazmir, 10-7 on season, is going to be a hard to replace. Look to replace him with a SP that has a low era or whip.

* Remember All-Star 2B Jose Lopez of the Seattle Mariners. The kid was having an excellent season prior to the All-Star break. Since the All-Star break Lopez is batting .158 (6-38) and hasn’t had an extra base hit. A nice surprise in the first half of the season, but it’s time to look for a new option at 2B.

* Dan Kolb’s tenure as the Brewers closer has come to an end. Brewers manager, Ed Yost said the he would split time at the closers spot between Derrick Turnbow, and newly acquired Francisco Cordero until either one of them proves they could keep the spot. Nothing like good old fashion competition.

* Although Jason Jennings W-L (6-9) record doesn’t show the quality pitcher he really is, Fantasy Owners are starting to take notice. Over Jennings last 7 games, he’s only given up more then 2 runs once, is averaging 7 innings a start, and 6 K’s a game. Wins are great in fantasy, but keeping your era and whip down is key as well.

* Ben Sheets, after being on the DL for most of the year, got his first win since coming off the DL this past week. In his second start since coming off the DL, Sheets had 10 K’s and only walked one, while picking up the win. Sheets will be a nice pickup for the remember of the season. Scourer the waiver wires and make sure he ends up on your team.

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