Child Obesity Rates May Not Be Rising But It’s Not All Good News Either

Not many adults spend a lot of time thinking about it, but child obesity rates may have risen to its current level because of our overwhelming TV culture and our propensity for fast foods. In the USA, many studies have been done on obesity rates among children, and conclusions drawn. But as it is in big politics, vested interest groups always find a way to dispute any so called “empirical evidence” discovered in these types of research. After all, the fast foods and junk food industry represents big business

But the price we are paying for the high child obesity rates in the USA and elsewhere is widely evident in overweight children whose Body Mass Indices simply hovers below the obesity level of 30 long enough to keep this statistic artificially low. All that happens is that these very same overweight children become obese adults. Who will dare tell a twenty something adult to stop watching TV with its over 40,000 annual fast food commercials? More details please visit:-

In addition to disputing the obvious threat to our children, our junk food merchants have also found ingenious ways to put unhealthy additives into what would normally be healthy foods. The current rage over contaminated peanut butter from a plant in Georgia has revealed that large companies like Kellog, Inc., use peanut butter in many of their otherwise not-so-bad foods. Peanut butter is OK in it’s natural form, but when packaged, it usually has much hydrogenated oils and high levels of fructose corn syrup in tow. Hydrogenated oils create dangerous food byproducts and are not good for you.

So, here is the scenario. Your child, who tends to be on the chubby side, begins to watch a lot of TV. He is now being programmed to love burgers, fries, and sodas, and that’s what he wants every day. If you give in, you are killing him slowly. As this child’s obesity rate rises, so does his appetite for similar foods. A lack of exercise and little discipline on the part of parents is a bad combination for a demanding child. His weight problems then gets carried over into adulthood. Pretty soon his weight is unmanageable, his health fails, and it becomes almost impossible to reverse the damage done

Child obesity rates, according to a recent Fox news telecast, which quoted data from an epidemiologist, is hovering at just over 16%. When combined with those kids who are also overweight, experts estimated this total is nearer to 40%. Now, the obesity rates are leveling off, concluded this study, but that is little comfort to some of us. Every life put at risk by terrible lifestyle choices cause suffering that can be prevented.

But who is responsible? Dare I say you? I cannot tell you that, but if you are a parent of an overweight child, be warned. You may just be raising an obese adult-in-the making, whose quality of life will be severely diminished in years to come.

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