The Good News About Change

The good news about growing older is that we begin to realize that the sky’s the limit. Yes, we can do just about anything we want to. That’s easier than it sounds, you may say. But when we listen to our internal wisdom, we can give ourselves permission to make changes in our lives.

Changing our thinking even to a tiny degree begins the process of change. It creates the space for change to enter into our consciousness. Things are never the same again once we begin the process of change. That’s because we are not the same.

Many of us feel a desperate need to get out of the fast lane…to pause, to listen in silence…to hear ourselves think, if you will. If you think it’s impossible to do that amidst life in the fast land with all its responsibilities and demands, think again.

Remember “a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step” (interpretation of the Tao Te Ching). I often say to my clients that it’s the small things that make up a good life. It follows from this that small changes have a great impact on our lives, especially when several of them are combined. More details please visit:-

Here are some tips to help you to begin your change:

* Create a space for yourself in your home where you can sit quietly (e.g. a corner of

your bedroom or in your garden)

* Take time each day to find out what wants to surface from inside you. 15 to 30

minutes is a great start

* Walk in the fresh air each day for at least 5 minutes

* Connect with people who please you and make you laugh at least once a week in

person and 3 times per week by telephone

*When those pesky limiting messages pop into your brain, just reply to them: “Why/why

not” and you’ll get some surprising answers (this works best in writing)

Always remember, we’re not here to live in pain, but in joy. What makes us happy usually enriches the lives of those around us.

Copyright 2008 Ellen Besso

Through her ‘Odyssey of Change’ coaching program, Ellen Besso offers Midlife Women the opportunity to navigate the midlife maze and find joy & fullness in their lives.

Personal action plans include strengthening the body-mind connection; releasing beliefs that limit growth; & specific actions to move you forward into your ideal life.

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