How to Alter Common Misconceptions About Islam

One of the reasons why people are still confused about Islam is that there are still lots of things to be done to alter common misconceptions. Here are some ways, which can help alter common misconceptions about Islam.

Newspapers and Magazines should release special editions more often about Islam to promote better awareness among its readers. It should carry in depth analysis of latest Islamic news, Middle East news, and Gulf news. Newspapers and Magazines should not limit its focus on lifestyle, sports section, entertainment sections, and other trivial columns. It is wrong to assume that there are only few readers who are interested in reading articles about Islam. This is wrong, the unfolding of events the last 10 years have created more curiosities and clamor for more in depth materials about Islam. Besides, it is a social responsibility among newspapers and magazines to publish thought provoking and relevant materials to serve to their readers. More details please

  1. It is important that newspapers and magazine editors should maintain not only expert writers on the subject but writers of the same faith as well. While experts have unquestionable competencies to write articles about Islam in international business news, global news, and culture news in different sections of the paper, a writer of the same faith can give personal insights and reflections which an expert writer does not possess. Articles written by person of the same faith have more credibility and integrity than those written by experts. In addition, employing more people of the same faith will help erase negative impressions that Islam people are difficult to deal with.
  2. Search engine operators should be able to provide mechanisms that will make Islam news, Middle East news, and Gulf news rank higher in the list from time to time. This is to give these articles exposures to various internet surfers who are interested to learn more about Islam religion and Muslim people. And moreover, it should also allot promotional exposure of blogs that carries news from the Middle East, Muslim news, and Middle East news, at least for an hour in its default pages for free. This is one bold step in promoting healthy relationships between people of Islam faith and people of other belief systems.
  3. Encourage bloggers to link sites that promote an eradication of misconception of ideas. These way bloggers can help promote a universal thinking of Islam and other ideas and concepts that needs to reinterpreted and explained. It is rather difficult considering that bloggers have also different sets of biases and prejudices, but it is doable.

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