Mayday Changes Driving You Mad? Good News is on the Horizon!

There have been very significant changes within Google over the past few months. For some, there have been little to no effects, but for others there have been substantial changes to their rankings.

The recent Mayday changes were the result of an algorithmic change within Google. This new algorithm searches for pages that are more specific to users queries by digging deeper and looking at long tail keywords.

This algorithm does not change how Google crawls or index’s web sites. It is a rankings change that impacts long tail queries. Consider it an expansion of Google’s algorithm that provides results that are more precise to people that make searches that are more specific.

Many larger sites are being effected by this new algorithm change. These larger sites are noticing de-indexing of pages that appear to not have content that adds value to the overall website. Many e commerce sites fall into this category. More details please

These new changes have put me and my associates into a state of overdrive to create new unique content for our pages. In this process we are also adjusting the onpage SEO of the sites, it’s really a revamping of all of our sites pages.

Along with unique content and onpage SEO tweaks, we are also looking to find new creative ways to make the user’s experience more engaging and useful for them.

Stay positive, this new algorithm is actually a good thing! The adjustments that you make will create better results for everyone in the long run and users should notice greater accuracy and effectiveness of the search results.

As the algorithms continue to get smarter and better at identifying sites that offer quality content, you in turn must respond and make the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that you are not only offering a product or service, but you must also help people and inform them. People want to learn; offer them useful information and the search engines will provide them with that information.

If you are having trouble ranking, you need to focus on the pages of your website that are currently ranking. That’s always a good sign! With internet marketing, when you find something that works, KEEP DOING IT!

Compare the pages that are currently ranking to pages that are not ranking well. What I have found with my larger e commerce sites is that the content that has been duplicated from the manufactures website does not rank very well. I am going through all of the sites and creating unique content for all of the individual pages. So far I have seen tremendous results from this.

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