Whole House Air Cleaners Report – Why They Do Not Work!

As you search for that perfect air cleaner to protect your family from dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens, you will run across many different types of air cleaners, air purifiers, air filters and air filtration systems. One of the most interesting and eye catching products on the market is the Whole House HEPA Air Cleaner Filtration System. This report also includes Whole House Air Filters and Whole House Air Purifiers. There are many of them on the market! Unfortunately human nature often kicks into high gear when the wonderful offer of a central whole house air cleaner is advertised as a way of keeping your entire house clean with just one single gizmo! THE FACT IS THESE AIR AIR CLEANING MACHINES JUST CAN’T CLEAN A WHOLE HOUSE!   There are five types of air cleaning products that are advertised to clean a whole house. They are: HEPA air filtration bypass air cleaners  Electronic air cleaners Self-Charging electrostatic air filters Ultraviolet light systems Portable ozone-ionizer air purifiers This report will explain the truth about how each of these products actually operate and what benefits they really do provide for you. Also included are the proper steps to take for a clean indoor air environment.

Myth #1. Whole house HEPA air cleaner / bypass systems – These somewhat expensive systems are flawed in design from the beginning. The idea behind these units is to pull a portion of the air stream from the return side of your furnace or air conditioning system, clean it and then return it into the supply side of the furnace or air conditioning systems ductwork. Most of the time, it involves taking up to 30% of the air from the return ductwork. The air is then cleaned with a high efficiency filter such as a HEPA and/or carbon filter. The cleaned air is then returned into the supply ductwork of the air handling system (bypassing” the air handler unit). Such an air cleaning system under this design poses many areas of failure. First of all, you are assuming that the majority of the airborne contaminants in your living space are drawn into the heating and or cooling system.

However, home heating/air conditioning systems are designed to heat and cool. They are not designed to pull dust, dander and allergens into a HEPA air cleaner from the narrow return ductwork at far distances. Note that the great majority of homes have only one air return per air conditioning system. So without having a means of returning the air from each and every room to the air handler, the overall effectiveness of these HEPA air cleaner systems is nullified. This is because the majority of rooms will not be able to have dirty air pulled from them. So the “whole house” air cleaner will only be able to clean the dirty air that makes it into the return side of the ductwork. This is a very limited amount! Secondly, in order for the HEPA air cleaner to work at all, the fan for the HEPA cleaner and the fan for the air handler unit must run all of the time.

THIS MEANS HIGH ELECTRIC BILLS! Having both blower units running constantly uses significantly more electricity than portable systems located in individual rooms. Lastly, and more importantly, even in an ideal world where the air from all over the house is making it back into the return duct work through multiple air returns, a bypass system is only cleaning up to 30% of the return air because it is only receiving up to 30% of the return air. This means, even if the HEPA air cleaner unit is running at 100% efficiency for all contaminants, only 30% of the entire air going through the return duct work is actually being cleaned. Therefore, when you look at the system as a whole, it is only 30% efficient. Plus the entire air return duct work from the air vents in the rooms to the HEPA air cleaner system will become filthy because the air entering into the return duct work is not being filtered! Also these whole house cleaning systems require expensive pre-filter replacements to protect the even more expensive HEPA filter! The bottom line here is that Central HEPA filtered types that install into air conditioning / furnace systems cannot properly clean the air in an entire house or building!

Myth #2. Whole house electronic cleaner systems (Also Called Electrostatic precipitators) – Electronic systems are made to fit into the air return side of the central air conditioning system or furnace. They can only filter the air that is brought into them from the air return duct or area that leads to the electronic  cleaner unit. These units use electrically charged metal or fiber cells that attract dust particles onto them. Unfortunately this old technology is outdated and it does not work well! This is because after a light amount of dust covers the surface of the charged cell grid, the rest of the incoming dust and allergens will pass right through the air cleaner and back into the indoor environment for people to breathe! Also, please visit sites https://www.wassenmetgevoel.nl/ https://www.arbredelannee.be/ https://sextoys2day.nl/ https://cafecees.nl/ https://dumbells-kopen.nl/ Central Electronic Cleaners with Charged Collector Cell Grids Produce Non-Adjustable Levels of Ozone! This can be an irritant to people with asthma and lung problems! Since most homes and buildings have only one central air return per system or zone, these electronic cleaners cannot pull dirty air from rooms or areas that are more then a few feet away from the air return that is attached to or leading to the electronic air cleaner. Major companies that produce these electronic cleaners are Honeywell, Trion and Aprilaire. THERE IS NO WAY that central electronic cleaners can pull the dirty air from across the house or from the inside of bedrooms and or offices that are away from the central air return area in your home or building! They Are Not Whole House Air Cleaners!

Myth #3. Whole house self-charging electrostatic air filters. These air filters are custom made to size to replace your existing throw away air filters in your furnace or central air conditioning systems air handler unit or air return. They are made from multiple layers of poly propylene fiber which allow them to become electrically charged when air flows through them. They can then grab dust and allergens onto them like a magnet. These air filters are durable, washable, reasonably priced and they can last for many years. They are wonderful for keeping your air conditioning or heating system and ductwork clean as they can catch and remove very small particles of dust and allergens from the air in your home or building! However, just like the less effective throw away filters, self charging electrostatic air filters can only clean the air from the air handler unit or from the air return area they are operating from! Self-charging electrostatic air filters cannot pull the dirty air from across the house or from the inside of bedrooms and or offices that are away from the central air return area in your home or building! They Are Not Whole House Air Filters!

Myth #4. Whole house ultra-violet (UV) light systems for central air conditioning units – These ultra-violet light systems are installed into air conditioning systems to kill mold and bacteria. They do not remove dust, particulates or airborne allergens from the A/C system, air ducts or from the indoor environment! These units are supposed to be installed so the ultra-violet lights are shining onto the evaporator coil on the air return intake side to prevent mold and bacteria growth on the evaporator coil and surrounding area, yet many of these units are installed improperly into areas of the air handler or air plenum where they can not do much good. Beware of UV light systems that produce ozone! Many of these UV light systems produce ozone at levels that cannot be controlled! Too much ozone can be an irritant to people with asthma and lung problems! I have experienced ozone producing UV light systems that created so much ozone it burned my eyes and throat.

And I do not have asthma or any lung problems at all! Some of these units are also produced with non-ozone producing UV bulbs. However please note, if an air conditioning system is clean and installed properly and it has a high quality self charging electrostatic or pleated air filter in it to protect the air handler and evaporator coil from dust, the chance of the evaporator coil and the rest of the system becoming contaminated with dirt, mold and bacteria will be greatly reduced. We recommend properly cleaning your air conditioning system and duct work while installing an upgraded quality air filter instead of an ultra-violet light system. Please know that ultra-violet Light units for your air conditioning system are not whole house air cleaners even though people will claim that they will keep your entire home clean!

Myth# 5. Whole house Portable ozone ionizer air purifiers – Some air purifiers include both needle point and radio wave ionizers that can ionize the air in mutable rooms in your home or building. These units produce negative ions that are sent into the air. Negative ions work by attaching themselves to small floating particles in your indoor air forcing the particles to quickly drop out of suspension and then down to the ground or onto any surface below. These purifiers will drop smoke, dust, pollen and animal dander from the floating indoor air environment and down to the surface below to be vacuumed. However if your bedroom is in the area being ionized, floating particles including allergens can drop onto you while sleeping in bed. This can cause problems for those with allergies and asthma. Some of these machines also produce adjustable levels of ozone.

Ozone is that fresh smell that occurs after a thunderstorm when lightning cuts through the oxygen splitting some of the oxygen in the air into ozone. Ozone does a wonderful job of removing all kinds of odors such as smoke odors, musty odors, pet odors, food odors, chemical odors, and body odors. The ozone works by oxidizing the odors. However, since ozone is an oxidizer it can be an irritant to those with asthma and lung disease if turned up to high. So if you or a family member has asthma or lung problems, ozone -ionizer air purifiers are not for you! IF YOU’RE A SMOKER THEY REALLY DO A GREAT JOB OF QUICKLY REMOVING FLOATING CIGARETTE SMOKE, CIGAR SMOKE AND ODORS FROM INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS.

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