101 For Building a Business on the Internet

1. Sell on eBay

2. List your business on your eBay about me page

3. Get your site listed in all the search engines

4. Use pay per click on Google and yahoo.

5. Post comments to posts on message boards and forums

6. Write your own comments and posts on message boards and forums

7. Create your own message board or forum.

8. Use yahoo instant messenger

9. Write a Blog about your business.

10. Post comments to other people’s blogs.

11. Write articles and post them in article directories.

12. Write a newsletter

13. Visit chat rooms

14. Attend online networking events

15. Write lenses at squidoo.com

16. Host an online party.

17. Register multiple domain names for your site to increase visibility.

18. Create a Swiki.

19. Create a RSS feed with your articles.

20. Create a podcast.

21. Write an eBook.

22. List your site in online directories.

23. Develop a poll and ask for people’s opinions.

24. Create free software and put your ad in it.

25. Offer a free ecourse.

26. Visit Amazon.com and write reviews of products

27. Make lists of books on Amazon.com and include information about you.

28. Create another information based website.

29. Create an article directory.

30. Visit personal websites and leave your comments in guest books.

31. Create free websites and offer original content.

32. Create helpful lists and post them online.

33. Post comments to news stories online.

34. Run ads online.

35. Join yahoo groups and actively contribute.

36. Join Google groups and actively contribute.

37. Create a MySpace profile.

38. Post to MySpace forums and bulletins.

39. Create a yahoo profile

40. Create a MSN profile.

41. Review products online from sites such as epionions.com

42. Offer your products for free in exchange for an online review.

43. Have a contest.

44. Sponsor a contest on another site.

45. Have a free drawing.

46. Promote your free drawing in free stuff directories.

47. Find directories for your local area and list your website in them.

48. Join Ryze and participate.

49. Join social book marking sites and add in your sites.

50. Submit an online press release.

51. Find out if your town has a Wikipedia site and link to your business from it.

52. Find websites for groups of which you are a member or alumni and add your link.

53. Get your link listed in the online version of alumni magazines for your university.

54. List your blog in all of the blog directories.

55. Create a FFA directory with your ad on the page.

56. Trade links with similar non-competing sites.

57. Offer to trade products for advertising with other business owners.

58. Do Ezine advertising.

59. Write articles for Ezines.

60. Write as a guest writer for other blogs.

61. Create a FAQ page about a popular topic and post it.

62. Join other networking sites such as Adland Pro.

63. Join a web ring.

64. Join a banner exchange.

65. Join a traffic exchange.

66. Create public folders on backflip.com

67. Write your own Ezine.

68. Create your own yahoo group about a popular topic and encourage others to join.

69. Use an auto responder to offer free reports and advice.

70. Create your own Wiki.

71. Join ecademy.com

72. Write a blog about another topic unrelated to your business.

73. Create a .com website for your name.

74. Create videos and post them on youtube.com

75. Tag and Ping your blog posts.

76. Tag your blog posts on social networking sites.

77. Brand yourself online and include your brand everywhere.

78. Get your own chat room and host business related chats online at certain times.

79. Join, post sites and vote at listible.com

80. Install stumbleupon.com’s browser bar and use it to add your sites and to visit other useful sites.

81. Spend some time every week exploring new sites and online opportunities.

82. Post and contribute to Yahoo Answers.

83. Write a book and sell it online.

84. Order return address labels with your website and put them on all mail.

85. Order stationary and sticky notes with your website and put them everyone.

86. Order bumber stickers with your website.

87. Order t-shirts with your website.

88. Open a café press store and sell items marketing your products.

89. Contribute to other people’s wikis.

90. Create free puzzles and post them online with your link.

91. Post photos to a flickr account.

92. Open up a picturetrail.com account and post your photos and links.

93. Create your own website directory.

94. Post your RSS feed to RSS directories

95. Begin your own online radio show.

96. Use a signature line in all of your emails.

97. Post a story at digg.com and include your website.

98. Write an online tutorial and include your link in your bio.

99. Offer free samples.

100.Write articles for online magazines.

101.Put your website everywhere.

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