Life Quality, More Important Than Quantity

I don’t know about you, but to me, it is the life quality that matters, not how many years I live. It is my experience that we can have both if we work at it. Well not really work but making a life change could make a big difference. Living a high quality, healthy life can be as simple as changing your diet and starting and exercise program.

Aging and getting older are two different things. Aging is being 50 and looking like you are 70 years old. Getting older is a matter of living many years. While getting older I think it is necessary to live a good life and enjoy each year we can get older without it being necessary to age faster than needed.

The aging process is not necessarily tied to getting older. We see people in their forties who look and act as if they were 20 or more years older. In most aging cases the progress can be traced to a bad diet, bad life style and lack of exercise. It is not normal to age faster than our years. If fact, most aging problems can be reversed by changing your diet and starting an exercise program.

A natural diet of fruit and vegetables, mostly eaten raw can and will create better health for most people. Processed foods are lacking in most nutrients that are required for healthy living. In fact, the foods grown in United States on our nutrient depleted soil, that is then supplemented with chemicals in order to over produce the crop which are still lacking in nutrients. That is where juicing can be of help in obtaining enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. We may never eat enough food to get all the nutrients we need, but when we drink fresh juice we can increase the nutrient intake by several times.

Most of our health problems have nothing to do with our aging or getting old. We need to establish a daily routine as simple as walking for 30 to 45 minutes every day to see a difference in a few weeks time.

A very good 3 word weight loss program is, “Shut Mouth, Walk.” Start with a smaller plate and no seconds and walk 30 to 45 minutes every day. Eat a fruit snack between each full meal and eat nothing after 6PM. Not only will you lose weight you will find that you have more energy and things like diabetes will start improving. Walking will also strengthen your heart while the losing of weight will start to open those blood veins and arteries.

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