Salsa Styles – Which One Is the Best for You?

There are several ways to get over the problems in your personal life – find a new friends, get involved into healthy life style programs or just improve mood by doing something you like. If you want to do all of this at once the answer is – try to dance salsa. Salsa – it is health. You may dance salsa, you may run in the mornings, both can be done at any age. But by dancing salsa you will find the way to make new friends. You can go wherever on this planet, once you are a real salsero (male) or salsera (female) you will look for the place where people are dancing salsa, because you can be sure, they will welcome you heartily.

There are two big groups of Salsa dance styles. One is so called Cross-body lead (CBL) style or line movements, where dance partners mainly are dancing over linear line and changing their positions by 180°. One of the most popular salsa dance style in the world – LA style represents this group of salsa styles.

The other group is Cuban style or Casino salsa. There is no need for the big space on the dance floor for dancing Salsa styles of this group. The excitement is caused when you look at fascinating twisted bodies, dazzling turned figures, that seems impossible to repeat as well as rhythmic body work. To perform a flowing and easy dance motions, dance partners are making their movements round each other by the circle with imaginary axis between them.

Salsa is life, salsa is love. Try your first salsa steps!

And if you feel confident and certain that salsa is a dance for you, you may start your serious training course with the professionals!

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