Why You Should Diversify Your Heat Strategy for Your Buy to Rent Property – Oil Vs Natural Gas

In the northeast many buy to rent properties have the old water radiator systems throughout the home as the primary heat source. The boiler used to heat these homes utilizes fuel oil to heat the HP Envy x360 Price in America hot water to distribute heat across the entire home.

However, the price of heating oil can skyrocket quickly when crude oil prices go up. This can be detrimental to your bottom line as a property investor if you are paying for heat or trying to market your home knowing the heating costs are a real concern for your tenants.

This is why you need to diversify your heat strategy when comparing oil vs. natural gas to heat the home.

If you have natural gas coming into the home, natural gas boilers you have the opportunity to diversify your heat strategy to utilize the most efficient heat source as well as have a backup heating system if you need it in an emergency.

If your primary heat source is the oil hot water system, you can easily install a natural gas vent free heater in the home to supplement the heat and help contain costs for you and your tenants. thermal oil boiler

These units can create a great amount of heat for the bottom floor space that will eventually travel to your sleeping areas throughout the home. Whether you choose vented or vent free, they are safe to operate.

The vent free models will have Oxygen depletion sensors, which will automatically shut off if oxygen levels reach unsafe thresholds.

In summary, diversifying our heating solutions is a sound strategy when you see home heating oil costs increase every winter as demand swells.

Natural gas has become a plentiful resource that not only burns cleaner, Technology Essays but has lower costs per BTU than your standard oil fired boilers. When it comes to containing costs for your buy to rent property, comparing oil vs. natural gas to heat the home is something to consider.

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