Audio Production Software and Hardware Specifications

There has always been music enthusiasts that create or attempt to produce their own music in their garage or basement, however nothing embodies the DIY spirit music and audio scene like the rampant evolution of audio production software. Over the past decade, Productivity software audio production software has been the catalyst in leveling the sound production field between pros and amateurs, allowing the basement and garage mix masters the same caliber of tools used by professionals. Now anyone with the determination to learn can utilize Audio Production Software to produce block rocking beats with professional sounding audio.

Before you go any further lets look into Hardware Specifications and requirements.

In most instances meeting the bankruptcy lawyer “basic requirements” will work with most software, but audio production software has a tendency to very taxing on the CPU, use up plenty of hard drive space, cramp up the RAM and caches, and could possibly mute out sound completely if your sound card is not compatible or insufficient. PS – check your platform, because most audio production software are available only on certain platforms.

For majority applications the basic system specifications look like this: dr storts ardmore ok

Platform: Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor: 800 MHz
Disc Space Required: 200 MB hard disc space for program installation
RAM required: 256 MB
Sound Card Required: Windows-compatible sound card
However, for optimal results and functionality, the requirements would look something like this:
Platform: Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor: 1-1.5GHz
Disc Space: 200 MB for initial installation, 1GB+ for additional effect, instrument and sample libraries, and more for additional add-ons.
RAM Required: 1-2GB
Sound Card Required: Windows-compatible (ASIO driver support recommended)
Installation Support Required: DVD-ROM drive

This will vary only slightly for Mac-based programs, but should follow the same logic: take the basic requirements and double them (for disc space, quadruple). If your computers hardware specs don’t quite meet the formula, you have two choices: seek a lighter program or upgrade your hardware specs for optimal performance and results.


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