Straightforward Head Lice Info – Answers to the Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Finding the correct head lice info when you first realize that a member of your family has caught lice can be a little difficult. Well meaning friends are ready to give you lots of advice, infos-live but unfortunately it’s quite often misguided. And asking about lice treatments at your local book store is not the most comfortable thing to do! So where can you go to find out about these almost legendary little parasites that can strike fear into the heart of even the toughest of parents? Read on for some basic, but vital louse information. thermn

It’s a heart sinking feeling that every parent gets when you find that first louse on your child’s head. Only tramps and dirty people get these things. Does that mean I’m a bad parent and don’t care for my kids hygiene and health properly?

Misconceived Ideas

Don’t worry; your level of family hygiene hasn’t dropped. Lice aren’t bothered if you are clean or dirty. They just want someone warm to live on. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, if you are male or female or what race you are. A warm host is all they require. Fluxusiptv.

Lice don’t fly. They don’t have wings so it is impossible for them to fly.

Lice don’t jump. Many people assume they are fleas but they are not. I’ve read some forums where people have claimed that they have seen a lice jump off the scalp. The chances are that when they have been combing through the hair with a nit comb they may have accidentally flicked the louse off. rare-chems

Discovering head lice early on before they can be allowed to lay eggs is the key to fast removal. Once they have laid eggs or nits as they are more often referred to and they have been allowed to hatch, it can be a real job to destroy them.

The most obvious signs that we all associate with the presence of lice is an itchy scalp that the poor unfortunate recipient needs to constantly scratch. These warning signs don’t always show up straight away and can take several weeks to appear, world-arms by which time you could have a heavy infestation of these annoying little creatures.

Although lice only live for around 30 days when on a nice warm host, the female can lay up to 60 eggs in that time! Each nit will hatch in around 7 days. If the insect falls from the host (that’s you) it can only survive for at the most 48 hours without the warmth and food it gets from the human scalp.

Dealing with a head lice problem is not particularly difficult but it can be time consuming. Depending on how heavy the infestation is, any treatment you decide to use may need repeating over several weeks. Treatments include the use of dedicated head lice shampoos and pesticide creams, for more info visit these website :- legalroids
taxi39000 but more recently, natural safe home remedies have shown signs of a rise in popularity. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of parents are becoming aware that many of these over the counter and prescription treatments are chemical based and may be hiding possible future health hazards.

Before going into battle with these itchy insects you need to be clued up with as much head lice info as you can. Early detection will make removal a far less stressful procedure and knowing how to remove them properly can help prevent future infestations. There are lots of different treatments available that include chemically based products and safer natural home treatments, but you need to be prepared to put time, effort and knowledge into effectively ridding your family of these tiny unwelcome guests!


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