Be Open Minded to New Ideas and Embrace Fear

As we go about our work each day we should keep our minds open to new ideas and possibilities. Life is about learning and developing new skills and experiencing new opportunities – and by opening our minds to possibilities we leave ourselves ready and able to hear and see opportunities that a more limiting mind may be denied. ideasandmind

We need to ask ourselves the question – Are we ready and willing to change our behavior in order to widen our minds to possibilities? For instance, if we are poor listeners are we ready and willing to make the necessary changes in behavior that will allow us to hear new ideas and thereby experience new possibilities. What possibilities are we missing out on because of having closed minds? It is not just “ideas” we miss out on when we consider this across all areas of our lives – this could include opportunities that will bring us laughter, joy, happiness and love into our lives. When we approach each area of our life with positive expectation and flexibility it opens up a whole range of possibilities for us to enjoy.

We should also be prepared to encounter some “fear” in our lives. When we encounter fear it is a sign that we are stretching ourselves, and therefore we are learning and growing. Many people avoid fear because it gives us that terrible feeling in the pit of our stomach. Recognise fear for what it is – it is the Opportunity for Growth!! If we never experience fear we are not stretching ourselves.

When we resist fear we are stifling growth. If we meet fear head on, our lives will become more expansive and our new learning experiences will enable us to thrive and flourish. We cultivate fear on our journey through life partly because we are afraid to fail. What we need to realize is that failure is part of our journey to success. Many very successful business people have failed many times before going on to create extremely successful businesses.

There is a saying “the Teacher arrives when the student is ready”. Every person and every opportunity is a “teacher” (learning experience) for us – we learn from positive experiences and we learn from negative experiences – just as we learn from negative people and positive people. For example – if we exceed the speed limit when driving we receive a fine – we can learn from that negative experience and decide not to speed in the future, or we can continue to speed and keep receiving the same negative result. Children learn in similar ways. When parents praise their child for doing something well the child will continue to try to make repeat attempts at the task before them, ideashackers thereby developing their skills and enhancing their interest in exploring new possibilities. They may fall down many times along their journey however their persistence will eventually gain positive results.


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