2009 Big Summer Print Magazine Issues Lacking Substance

Summer time is generally when the magazine industry makes its most profits, and puts out its largest magazine issues. Of course, leakforums right now popular consumer magazines have noticed that their advertising revenue is down between 50 and 75%. Trade journals are down another 50% on top of that in advertising, or about 12 1/2% of what they were making when the economy was cooking along at a brisk pace.

If you go to the bookstore, sit down and page through the popular magazines on the shelves you will notice that the 2009 Big Summer print edition magazine issues are clearly lacking in substance. The articles are not all that good, they are not nearly as thick as they once were, führerschein-eu the photography is not as good as it used to be, and the advertisers are not the top notched name brands that you’d normally see or expect.

It’s been a really tough year for print magazines, and in the last three years many of the top magazines are now no longer being printed. For instance Glamour Magazine has stopped printing, and their publisher is stopped printing several other of their top brands. Some say it is the online world that is doing this to the Magazine Publishers, that consumers can now get all their information on the Internet. niki-home

Whereas, that is true to some degree, in the print world it is definitely being affected by online advertising sales which seem to get more bang for their buck, and since there are fewer subscribers and readers looking for printed material, it’s no wonder that the advertisers are fleeing. inwa777

Additionally, if you add in the recessionary economic troubles, and the decreased consumer spending you can see the problem. Please consider all this.

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