How To Buy A Property In Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey is no more difficult than buying in the UK or any other EU country. It helps to have appointed a recommended English speaking lawyer to act on your behalf from the start, then your purchase should proceed smoothly. Here we provide an example of what is involved in buying property in Turkey.

1. Reservation deposit

To start with a reservation deposit is taken, usually between EUR2000 and EUR3000. This takes the property off the market and freezes the price of the property.

2. Appointing an independent lawyer

Usually the best way to choose a lawyer is to have one recommended to you by a friend. If this is not possible, the Service Group can recommend you an independent lawyer if required. buy property in turkey

3. Power of Attorney to your lawyer

You can decide on how much power of attorney you would like to give to your lawyer. Some prefer to be in Turkey for the whole process, whereas others prefer their lawyers to complete all of their transactions on their behalf. Power of attorney can be given for:

· Signing the private purchase contract

· Opening a bank account

· Connecting to water, electricity and phone

· Transferring the deeds into your name

Power of attorney is given at the Turkish Notary Public. Passports are translated into Turkish for it to be established. As it is in Turkish there is always an official Oath-sworn translator present to translate all documents into English.

When clients are not present in Turkey to organize this, the lawyer can send the power of attorney by post. Clients will need to take this to a notary or solicitor in their country of origin to sign. It must be stamped at the commonwealth office and sent back to Turkey to be translated back into Turkish.

4. Title deed and building licence validation.

The necessary checks to be made are:

· The title deeds of the plot and property must be free of debts and other charges

· The property must be freehold and is able to be purchased by a foreigner

· The current ownership of the property must be validated at the land registry

· The builder must have all necessary planning permissions and licenses

5. Private purchase contract

If the title deeds are clear then the lawyer will make up a draft of the contract between the buyer and the vendor/builder. This contract mentions all the details of the property; from delivery date to technical specification, payment terms and any specific adjustments to be made to the property.

This draft is created in both English and Turkish and then sent to you. If the terms and conditions are agreed, the lawyer will than confirm approval for the signing of the contract. Amendments can be made until both parties are satisfied.

6. Payment of the first installment

If clients already have a bank account in Turkey, or have given their lawyer the power of attorney to open one up, the first installment is sent from this account to the account of the vendor/builder on the day of signing the contract.

If no Turkish account has been set up, the first installment must be sent to the lawyer’s Clients’ Account and not directly to the vendor. From here it will be sent to the vendor on the day of signing the contract.
All other stage payments until completion can be made this way.

7. Military approval

In order to check that your property is not located in a restricted zone, your lawyer will need to send details of the purchase to the Turkish government military approval.

The Council of Ministers determine specific zones to be preserved. Lands could have a strategic importance in terms of agriculture, energy, history, wildlife preservation, mining, culture or national security. Foreign nationals will not be permitted to purchase property in these specifically preserved zones.

8. Independent surveyor

From the second payment onwards you have the option to hire an independent surveyor at a cost between EUR150 and EUR300 for a full report on the property you are purchasing. On receiving a positive report you can safely proceed with your payments.

9. Transfer of title deed

Once military approval has been granted and the full amount has been paid the title deed transfer takes place at the Property Registry Department. Both the buyer (or legal representative) and the vendor/builder need to be present to sign and the title deed will then be placed in your name.


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