Do the Authors of PRINCE2 Books Agree That Personality Matters in Project Management?

If you are wondering what all the hype around PRINCE2 training is about, or whether you are capable of passing a PRINCE2 examination, ekszer-elek you might also want to consider what type of personality makes a good project manager.

Like it or not, because of the ever-growing array of huge, complex and technically challenging projects in today’s world, project skills are sought after and PRINCE project management methodology has become the de facto methodology of choice.

We do not know whether the authors of PRINCE2 books thought deeply about the character traits that make a good project manager but we do know that there is plenty of research that demonstrates that it takes a certain kind of person to excel at managing projects. gudu

If you are not sure whether you are cut out to be a project manager, or if you hate exams, but you are thinking about getting PRINCE2 qualified, it might be wise to first think about whether you have the right personality for project management.

Many people would agree that all project managers need high energy levels, bags of enthusiasm and excellent public relations skills. They also need to be the kind of people that like to complete things, but this is only the start. hobbijaim

Some of the key traits include:

— organised

— disciplined

— structured in their approach.

A good project manager will also exhibit top level:

— communication skills

— team building skills

— interpersonal skills.

This is still not all — a good project manager needs to believe in what they are doing and have a positive outlook on life — be one of those people whose cup is half full, not half empty. receptek

If you feel you fit the above profile and you are interested in is becoming qualified you need to consider reading PRINCE2 books and taking a training course, as there is clearly a growing case for ‘would be’ and practicing project managers to become PRINCE2 qualified.

Having the qualification demonstrates that you understand the context for managing a project using the PRINCE methodology, so it is a good thing to have if you are working in an environment that follows the PRINCE project management methodology. olcsobbszerviz

If you want to become a Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner, you MUST sit the Foundation Exam and then the Practitioner Exam, in that order. You can sit both exams in the same week or even day, or you can split them and sit them as far apart as you like.

There are face to face and self study courses or you can just register to take the examinations without taking a formal course.

If you are researching which course to take, do make sure that the examination fees are included in the training fees otherwise you may find you are paying more than you initially expected.


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