Sabika – The Promise of Success

A direct sales company and a proud member of DSA, Sabika was founded in 2001 at Pittsburgh. Sabika sells handmade Austrian crystal jewelries through its consultants who host home parties for their prospective customers.

With a mission to bring beauty, joy and opportunity to women from all walks of life, Sabika aims to provide products that are uniquely designed and handmade to draw out the style and individual beauty in women. The Sabika jewelry collection is handmade by European artisans and also carries the centuries-old tradition of crafting crystal jewelry which can be paired on anything you wear – from simple jeans to a fabulous evening dress.

Giving their Sabika consultants the flexible opportunity to reach financial independence, the company lets them make their own hours and work on their own convenience. And as a Sabika hostess, you can earn as much as $50 to 100$ per hour by hosting parties and selling Sabika jewelries. This means that the more hours you spent in working with Sabika, the more money you can earn.

While Sabika promises an undeniable lucrative income, it obviously relies on traditional means when it comes to marketing the business. In order to attract potential buyers, you have to physically host parties and engage in face-to-face interaction to make sales. This method may have an intimate and more personal feel but it surely brings minimal results.

Not only does this method limit you from reaching a much wider market, it also accompanies the risk of targeting the wrong leads. This means that you may have to resort to harassing your family and friends and cold call uninterested strangers just to invite them to your party and meet your sales quota. This conventional method hinders you from penetrating the right market, finding the right leads, and converting them into sales.

Obviously, the solution to this problem is to take your Sabika business on a higher and more efficient level – the internet. Now, you may be asking “How could I host a Sabika party on the internet? How can I gather my prospective customers in one place?” It’s actually a lot easier than you thought. By simply having your own Sabika website, you’re not just creating a place for all your potential buyers to meet up, you’re also building an online store where you can showcase all Sabika products. pittsburgh seo company

Of course, in order to promote your site, you’ll have to learn internet marketing – from SEO, to SEM, to SMM, to using auto-responders, to using PPC campaigns, etc. etc. Naturally, your online marketing methods will take a lot of effort and time before you are able to reap rewards. It will take consistent action and dedication to get the results you need.

If you’re not open to doing this, then you’re clearly missing out. The truth is the most prominent reason why these network marketing leaders succeed is because they are not afraid to take their MLM businesses online. They are very much aware that merely utilizing traditional marketing won’t provide them the results they need.


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