Britain’s Top Ten Cosmetic Procedures

Advances in science and technology mean that cosmetic procedures are not as a frightening a prospect as they may have been in years gone by. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous could afford to enhance their looks with a quick visit (and long recovery) to a discreet cosmetic surgeon. Now, men and women who want a nip here and a tuck there are finding it more affordable to change certain aspects of themselves. In 2013, over 50,000 cosmetic procedures were performed in the UK alone, with a notable rise 41% rise from previous years in liposuction, and 13% more requests for breast enhancement surgery.

So, what are Britain’s most popular cosmetic procedures? We have compiled a list, using data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), of the top ten most requested surgeries in the UK, which goes some way to revealing the current trends in cosmetic surgery.

1. Breast augmentation accounted for 11, 135 of cosmetic surgeries that took place in the UK last year. Twelve of these surgeries were carried out on men.

2. 6921 women had eyelid surgery performed in 2013.

3. The third most popular procedures were face & neck lifts with 6016 women embracing this type of surgery and 364 men following suit.

4. Breast reduction was up 11% in women, and 24% in men, with 4680 women opting for this surgery and 796 men.

5. Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, rose 19% for women and 3841 chose to have rhinoplasty in 2013. The same surgery saw a 9% rise for men, with 1037 opting for this procedure. top surgery

6. As previously mentioned, liposuction saw the highest rise and 3772 women and 554 men chose to have fat removed from their bodies in this manner.

7. Abdomino-plasty or the tummy tuck, as it is more commonly known, rose by 16% for women and 15% for men, with 3343 women going under the knife for this procedure and 123 men.

8. Fat transfer is a popular procedure for both men and women with 265 men choosing this procedure and 3037 doing the same.

9. 2013 saw an 18% rise in brow lifts for men and women, with 1962 women opting for this surgery and 176 men.

10. Otoplasty, or ear reshaping and repositioning surgery, was the 10th most popular procedure for women and the 6th for men. Women accounted for the highest number of patients choosing this procedure, with 670 receiving otoplasty last year. Not too far behind were men, with 543 undergoing otoplasty surgery.

Baaps has suggested that the rise in liposuction is due to a “backlash” against previous trends in non-invasive procedures, stating that perhaps they were not as effective as the surgical alternative to fat removal. Their data shows that the most popular procedure for women overall was breast enhancement, whereas men topped the tables with rhinoplasty.

Surgery Gone Wrong

With both men and women opting to have surgery there has also been a rise in compensation claims against negligent surgeons and companies providing these cosmetic procedures. Thankfully there are options for people who have suffered due to cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong and specialist solicitors and the GOV website can provide useful information and advice about how to make a claim.


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